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Victory spirit:
united, innovative, pragmatic, excellence-seeking
  As our precious spiritual wealth, Victory spirit is the excellent culture formed by our development process. Unity is our source of power. Innovation is our foundation of development. Pragmatics is our criterion of action. Seeking for excellence is our road of development. Under the condition of market-oriented economy, our spirit is always the spiritual power to stimulate our employees to march forward courageously despite difficulties, as well as to promote enterprise development.

Victory value:
Brand creates benefit. Credibility is higher than honor.
  As intangible property, brand has infinite value. Put molding brand image at the first, we cherish our Victory brand as cherishing eyes. We promote development by seeking for famous brand effect and improving brand value. Meanwhile, we respect personal value. We encourage every employee to give full play to his/her own talents and to earn rewards by his/her own knowledge, wisdom and labor.

Victory concepts:
  Victory development concept: Work hard all the time and try to do everything best; Challenge the future and create the limitless
Victory talent concept: Respect talent, develop talent, select talent and give full scopes to the talent
  Victory marketing concept: User uppermost and service leading. Sticking to “user uppermost” principle, we think all from users. We work hard on creating more value for users by our excellent service.
  Victory technology concept: Technology innovation leads demand.
  Victory quality concept: We continuously & stably manufacture user-satisfied product. We regard quality as our life.
  Victory manufacturing concept: Seeking perfection more perfect, excellent and high-effiective. To pursue management innovation, we promote development by optimizing management. 

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